Jaw tension or orthodontic problems, Mà a Mà, Menorca

Mà a Mà Jaw tension or orthodontic problems

The sessions help to:

  • solve orthodontic problems.
  • accompany orthodontic interventions.
  • the bones of the skull to adapt to the orthodontic changes created by wearing a dental appliance.
  • reduce tension caused by bruxism.

With manual therapy, we obtain very good results with orthodontic problems, both for adults and children. In the field of prevention, a treatment promotes good development, even for babies from the first months of life.

Likewise, if orthodontic interventions are required, we notice that the sessions accompany the process very well. We work on the bones of the skull, the jaw joint, the first cervical bones, the hyoid bone, to release tension and give space.

We notice that treatments can often save a lot of time and money when rebalancing gives the teeth a new chance to take up their space.

Jaw tension or orthodontic problems

Additionally, when surgery or dental appliances are necessary, the treatment helps all the bones of the skull adapt to the orthodontic changes created.

These treatments are aimed at both adults and children. For children, the results can be surprising and rapid due to their high capacity for adaptation. If they are under twelve years of age and the shape of their mouth has not yet been determined, they have even more room for improvement with a treatment.

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