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I use the tools of Psychology to create a space where context is heard and where narrative matters.

I give attention and space to listen to the patients' experience and journey prior to the current appointment.

During a session, we look at where there are blockages in the patient's body. These blockages are due to shocks or too intense events to which the body could not adapt. Shocks can be of physical nature (accidents, falls, operations, etc.), metabolic (pollution, toxic substances, deficiencies, etc.) but also emotional nature (intense stress, fear, trauma, etc.).

The patient always consults for some symptom that he wants to see disappear. But this symptom is not always the cause of the problem itself. For example, someone who asks for a consult for his neck pain may think there is a physical problem in the neck, while this pain may be a bodily response to significant stress.

Being aware of this stress is not a requirement to be able to release the blockage, but it can be an important key to clear the blockage or preventing it from returning.

A treatment can also be done without speaking, I am specialized in listening, whether it is to words or the body.

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