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I am Lena, I was born in Belgium and I live in Menorca.

In Mà a Mà, I bring together my knowledge and my experience as a therapist.

I help children and adults who feel physical or emotional discomfort to feel better.
For more information about the three main currents that characterize my treatments, see the “base” section.

Mà a Mà is a health and well-being space where people come to feel better in their body, and where the person as a whole is cared for.
I propose a space where there is dialogue and exchange.

Sessions can be held in Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch and Catalan.

Lena Formation

The path to Mà a Mà

From psychology to manual therapy

I have always had great interest as a therapist in working globally on the body and mind. During my professional career, I had the opportunity to focus first on the mind, as I began my career as a clinical psychologist.

From the beginning, I worked with both adults, children and families. My first patients mainly had a need for psychological support, but I worked in services where physical well-being was also very present. Specifically: the Pediatric Oncology Service (children with cancer), the Children's House and services for people with disabilities.

During a long trip, I discovered Thai massage. It made me follow a one-month intensive course in Thailand followed by  a specialization course (Thai massage for Western problems) in Italy. I took this new skill to Belgium and directed my massages, mainly to women who have just given birth, to give them a moment of relaxation, pause and connection with themselves.

Poyet Method and Osteopathy, Mà a Mà

Towards Osteopathy

I discovered the Poyet Method while receiving a treatment and I was fascinated by the effects, but also by its subtlety, its precision and its originality.

I decided to train for four years in this method and thus entered the world of Osteopathy.

During my studies, I already opened my own practice in Belgium, part-time, while working as a psychologist. At the end of my training, I dedicated myself completely to my own practice.

When I discovered the tissue approach to osteopathy, created by Pierre Tricot, an important piece of the puzzle was placed among all my experiences and knowledge.

Pierre Tricot attaches great importance to the work of the therapist, who is trained to direct and focus your presence, intention and attention during a session. This is an important part of my treatments.

Lena practicing Tai chi

The work of a therapist

To continue developing my therapeutic presence, I pay a lot of attention to training through meditation and the “l’Art du Chi” School (the art of vital energy).

In this school you learn Tai chi, Qi gong and there are special courses designed for therapists in which, among other things, techniques are taught to be able to anchor yourself well as a therapist during the session.

Mà a Mà. Health and well-being

Mà a Mà. Health and well-being.

I chose this name to describe what I propose as a therapist.

"Mà a Mà" means hand in hand in Catalan.

The name symbolizes a space where both physical discomfort and emotional discomfort have their importance, both manual therapy and psychology.
We work hand in hand together, the therapist and the client.

The name also refers to the manual treatment with my hands, which is the core of the session.

In the logo my hands form a butterfly, a symbol of the softness and care with which my hands carry out the session.

Welcome to Mà a Mà. Health and well-being.

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