Neck and shoulder pain, Mà a Mà

Mà a Mà Neck and shoulder pain

The sessions help to:

  • release burdened shoulder tension
  • improve freedom of movement of the neck
  • balance the entire shoulder girdle, which includes: neck, shoulders, sternum, clavicles and hyoid bones.
  • release surrounding muscles and tissues.
Neck and shoulders pain treatment, Mà a Mà

The sessions are effective in treating stiff neck and shoulder pain.

There is often a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders due to demanding work positions and/or stress. Sometimes these challenging situations persist for so long that the body can no longer adapt to them and pain occurs.

We explore the painful region, but we also look at the surrounding structures, such as the jaw, sternum or diaphragm, for their great influence on shoulder and neck tensions. Likewise, the muscles and tissues that surround it are important.

This is how we work in these regions both locally, in detail, and more globally.

As always, we look at the balance between the movements of the skull and sacrum, which affect the neck, shoulders and entire back.

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