Stress and anxiety, Mà a Mà, Menorca

Mà a Mà Stress and anxiety

The sessions help to:

  • improve sleep quality
  • reduce nervousness
  • improve attention
  • feel better in your own body
Cranial osteopathy, Mà a Mà, Menorca

Cranial osteopathy has a direct effect on the nervous system, helping to obtain calm and regulate the body in case of stress and anxiety.

In most cases, we find cranial tension when there is a lot of emotional tension. By releasing these cranial tensions, we achieve a physical and mental balance that allows us to increase our mood and energy. On the other hand, we enrich brain activity, that is, we release tensions from the nervous center and improve blood circulation.

In general, a great improvement is experienced from the first session.

Due to its relationship with the nervous system, anxiety can affect our entire internal functioning, from the digestive system to the muscular or vascular system.

As for other therapies, we must take into account factors such as diet, physical exercise or the lifestyle we lead to guarantee that the improvements are sustainable over time.

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