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The Tissue Approach to Osteopathy was developed by Pierre Tricot, physiotherapist and osteopath. Pierre has shown that living tissues are conscious and that we can establish communication with them through palpation of these deep tissues.

The core of the method is to consider that when the body is capable of generating a symptom (create), it is capable of recovering health (un-create). The symptom is a protection system. If we can free the root cause of this disorder, this system disappears. We then focus on restoring health and proper functioning of the body, rather than the disease and symptom.

The objective of the method is to release the main retention areas, that arepreventing the correct functioning of the body system.

Harmonization occurs when through a light compression the tissues release their tensions.

Something typical of this method: the therapist's palpation criteria

A great stage of Pierre Tricot's research has been to observe that the tissues of the body respond to the quality of the osteopath's presence, to the way he manages and directs his attention within the structure and to the intention he has when he connects with patient's body structures. To do this, Pierre Tricot has established and developed what he calls "the palpation criteria" that the therapist establishes during the treatment, that is: anchoring, presence, attention and intention.

More information about the Tissue Approach
https://www.abordaje-tisular.es/ (ES)

https://www.approche-tissulaire.fr/ (FR)

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