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Mà a Mà Poyet Method Manual therapy

The Poyet Method is an “informational” manual therapy that is based on Craniosacral Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The core of the method is listening to the cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI), a rhythmic micro-movement that is present in all parts of the body.

Classical osteopathy was limited to the observation of the CRI, only in the cranio-sacral axis. Maurice Poyet (1928-1996), a physiotherapist and osteopath, observed that this movement is found in all the bones, organs and tissues of the body.

The objective of the method is to restore the quality of the micromovements of the various parts of the body and their interactions.

Harmonization occurs with a soft and light gesture that transmits "information" to the body and invites it to correct itself.

Something typical of this method: cranial somatotopias

Cranial somatotopias are points or areas present in the bones of the skull and face that allow us to make a diagnosis of various areas of the body. It's like a control panel where you can check which areas of the body work well and which don't, or if a correction has been well integrated. The skull thus becomes a true diagnostic and verification map.

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