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Mà a Mà Pregnant women and newborns

Signs that indicate that there are difficulties for your baby:

  • at head level: always leans to one side.
  • regarding sleep: difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings, nightmares.
  • at the level of digestion: painful colic, regurgitation.
  • at the level of the nervous state: calm or, on the contrary, abnormal nervousness.
Mà a Mà, pregnant women and newborns

A baby's head and neck sometimes have to endure a lot due to incorrect position in the womb or during a difficult birth.

Fortunately, a baby's head adapts very well to pressure and deformation!

However, it is recommended to receive a treatment during pregnancy, to ensure that the baby has enough space, and to do a postpartum check-up of the baby, to be able to detect tensions and respond to them as quickly as possible.

Tratamiento para recién nacidos y bebés

Due to the gentleness and precision of the methods I use, the treatment is perfect for newborns and babies.

In some cases, the baby cannot adapt and we find a lot of tension or even a blockage. The transition zone between the bottom of the skull and the upper cervical vertebrae are especially sensitive to this.

Some important nerves pass through this area and, when irritated by tension, can cause discomfort.

Sessions for pregnant women help to:

  • give the baby space.
  • balance the functioning of certain organs that move.
  • release sciatica and back pain that are very common in pregnancy.
  • improve sleep quality.
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