Mà a Mà Menorca, Practical information

Mà a Mà Practical information

What is the price and duration of a session?

first session: €55
follow-up: €50 - approx. 1 hour

first session: €50
follow-up: €45 - approx. 45 min

Do I need to wear anything specifically?

It is recommended to come with comfortable clothing, sportswear style. Avoid jeans or other pants with stiff seams.

Can I pay by card?

You can pay cash, by bank transfer or bizum.

How far in advance can I come to the appointment?

At Mà a Mà there is no waiting room. However, there is always scheduled 15 minutes between two clients.

How often should I come?

To optimize the effects of the treatment, it is advisable to do at least two sessions. In this second session, we will be able to verify if the corrections have been well integrated into the body or, if so, address any compensations that the body may have put in place to adapt to the initial imbalance.

As a general rule, between 2 or 3 weeks is recommended between the first and second session (for adults, less for children). Often these two sessions are completed with a third one a month after the last session.

Follow-up is always discussed with the client and depends on their needs.

How does a session look like?

During a session, we always start with a conversation to map out the problema, followed by the treatment. In the same session we can go from the head to the sacrum, passing through the back and ending with a foot or hand, although this is not always the place where the patient perceives the pain. All parts of the body can be important to balance the patient.

Due to the treatment methods we use, in which the craniosacral axis is very important, a session always begins and ends in the skull or sacrum where the corrections made are verified.

At the end we take a moment to give feedback on the session and to determine a treatment plan.

If necessary and/or desired, advice can also be offered on lifestyle, diet, physical activity or reference to other professionals.

What happens if I have to cancel the session?

If for some reason, you are unable to maintain or need to reschedule your appointment we ask and greatly appreciate 24-hour notification prior to the appointment; otherwise 30% of the missed session must be paid.

If I cancel, can I have someone else come in my place?

Yes, but always consulting the therapist beforehand.

Can I try it for free?

We offer free 15 minute sessions where we can get to know each other and/or where you can get a short trial session. Click here to book your free session

What should I do after a session?

It is advisable to drink water after a session and in the following days, to help the body drain the toxins that will have been released during the session.

We recommend to take some rest after the session. This does not mean complete rest but moderation in physical activities.

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